Internship Reference: TPIT13

Company Introduction:

The company builds profitable web and mobile apps that live at the intersection of design and technology.

Since their inception, the products they have built have helped millions of people be more efficient and productive in their personal and professional lives. Located in the heart of Taipei, Taiwan, they are a diverse business featuring a western-style work culture that values a strong work ethic and work-life balance. Their mission is to build software that matters, careers that prosper, and a company that people feel proud to be a part of.


9-12 Months

Internship Position and Potential Responsibilities:

+ “Own” the front-end development and be responsible for making refactoring and improvement suggestions.
+ Translate the UI/UX design wire-frames to actual code that will produce visual elements of the application.
+ Develop new user-facing features.
+ Build reusable code and libraries for future use.
+ Optimize application for maximum speed and scalability.
+ Provide website maintenance and enhancements.
+ Create quality mock-ups and prototypes on tight timelines.
+ Stay up-to-date on emerging technologies.


+ Strong knowledge in developing HTML and CSS (2/3).
+ Strong knowledge in JavaScript/JQuery/ES6/React.js/Angular.js
+ Basic understanding of server-side CSS pre-processing platforms.
+ Demonstrated ability to convert a finished Photoshop or Illustrator file into clean HTML/CSS and add appropriate JS animations.
+ A strong team player.
+ Demonstrated ability to understand cross-browser compatibility issues and ways to work around them.