Position Code: MADIT04

Company Introduction:

This is a start-up that is launching an innovative alternative to alcoholic spirits.

They are a drinks brand that allows people to be the best version of themselves: healthy, successful, and sustainable.

Their mission is to enhance people’s conscious enjoyment and help them perform better in every aspect of their lives, and enhance their wellbeing while having a net positive effect on the environment.

They are currently bootstrapping their company and aim to launch in the next few months. They are in the process of developing the drinks and want to build a team of like-minded and enthusiastic people who are either inspired by their mission and want to create something new during their internship, or who are also keen to get in on the ground floor before the company raises funding and launch internationally for a potential long-term opportunity post-graduation.

Role: Front-end/ E-commerce Designer

Internship Description:

  • Define the corporate identity to be applied to the website, based on the bottle designs.
  • Design a website that is THE key touchpoint that people will have with the brand, which engages  customers as part of a community, and tells the story of the company’s brand values
  • Design a website utilising Shopify (or another e-commerce platform, as appropriate) that is easy to navigate and maximises conversion
  • Work with a developer to get the site up and running
  • Works with creatives/marketers to define any additional media that you believe is required for the site (e.g. photos, videos) and to align the look, feel and tone of voice with the social media channel


The main “requirements” are that you are ambitious and visionary so that you can help launch and take this brand from idea to reality.

These are two experienced founders who have the following values. If they align with you, then we would love for you to apply:

  • Fun
  • People first
  • Customer-centric at every touchpoint
  • Ambitious, set a high bar for yourself
  • Respectful
  • Experimental
  • Ethical
  • Not cutting corners
  • Respect people and the planet
  • Integrity
  • Keep your word
  • Honest
  • Transparent
  • Always aim to make it right

Of course, we would love to see a portfolio of your previous work as part of your application