Internship Reference: TPIT36

Company Description:

This Group is an educational services company that assists students to fulfill their study abroad goals, by advising and arranging all aspects of applying for, and taking up places at educational institutions around the world. The company was founded in Taiwan in 1993 by two brothers and focused initially on preparing students for their study abroad journey to the UK.
Right now The group operates more than 30 offices in 10 countries and helps more than 4,000 students to study in a wide variety of countries (UK, US, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, etc.).

It should be noted that while the majority of companies in Taiwan now have very few expatriates, this company is fairly unique in having a large number of foreigners, many of them British, working for the organization. In addition, many of the local staff have studied in the UK and the company has very close links with the British Chamber of Commerce, the British Council and the British Office. All of this makes it very appealing for someone coming out from the UK for an internship.

Internship Position:

Full- Stack Developer

Internship Description:

  • The company is looking for a Full-stack developer who will be in charge of transforming Visual Designs and UX designs into efficient, light HTML, CSS and JS code. The team will work closely with Back End developers in a variety of public websites and web application projects, offering the team insights on different coding and technological approaches.
  • Implementing and maintaining the server side code and database for several web applications.
  • Install, configure and optimize typical server applications like web server, mail server, MySQL, ftp, GIT, GitLab, etc
  • Work closely Front End developers and Analysts in a variety of public websites and web application projects, offering the team insights on different coding approaches and libraries and components to use during the development.

Internship Requirements:

  • Proven experience working with WAMP and LAMP
  • Experience with Laravel 4.x or 5.x, or any other modern PHP framework
  • Strong understanding of web applications architecture
  • Familiar with API’s and web service implementation
  • Proven experience working with HTML5 and CSS
  • Fluent in JS and JQUERY. Have worked with AJAX before
  • Familiar with responsive design implementation
  • Familiar with mobile devices and HTML
  • Interested in UI and UX design