Internship Code: TPDE10

Company Description:

This company was born from the cooperation of a digital marketing specialist and a talented web developer. Both French nationals, they have respectively 8 and 10 years of experience in their industries. They decided to combine their skills to open their digital agency in 2017.

Evolving in a thriving environment, they have the opportunity to meet often with other professionals from the digital industry (photographs, copywriters, graphic designers, etc.). They’ve been since building trust within that network of partners in order to complement their service offer when it is requested by their clients.

Internship Position:

Graphic Design Internship

Internship Description:

  • Create a character from scratch for their brands and clients
  • Review and create all of their website’s visuals with this character in diverse situations to illustrate the textual content
  • Review the web design style guides for the client

Internship Requirements:

  • Fluent in English or French, or both
  • Experience in graphic design with a portfolio available
  • Adobe creative suite preferred over other design software
  • Video montage skill is a plus
  • At least 8 weeks full-time remote internship