Internship Code: TPDE17

Company Description:

This company is one of the largest flower companies in Taiwan. It was founded in May 1998, with powerful shareholders such as Taiwan National Development Fund, Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd., Taiwan Sugar Corporation, King Car Industrial Co., Ltd., Wan-Chong Management Consulting Co., Ltd, and dozens of experts in the flower industry, as well as plant biotechnology and cross-industry cooperation research and development projects with prestigious comprehensive universities in Taiwan, the Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, and Academia Sinica.

Using its top-notch biotechnology, this company has successfully imported tissue cultured plantlets to customers throughout 30 countries. Since 2020, they started to produce healthy food with the main ingredients of their own plants, such as rose spread, crunchy pine nut spread, rose vinegar, premium dipping sauce, Italian sauce, tea, and Taiwanese blueberries. It now markets not only to B2B customers but also B2C’s. Therefore the company is looking for talented people with marketing and design skills to join the team for the extended business.

Internship Position:

Graphic Design Internship

Internship Description:

The Graphic Design Intern works closely with the director in the marketing department to create a strong conceptual framework and cohesive overall design for print, digital, email and social media.

This position will support print production and digital production including flyers, Facebook, the company website, product labels, packaging, billboard, etc. The Graphic Design Intern will work collaboratively within their creative team to create products that produce profitable sales growth and position them to be a leader in the industry.

  • Create and design various materials for print and digital collateral such as official websites, flyers, and social media
  • Ensure projects are high quality and completed on schedule
  • Perform retouching and manipulation of images
  • Manage project flow and accurately estimate when deliverables will be completed
  • Weekly video meeting with the director to understand and align with the direction of the company, report progress and make improvements from reviews, or receive new assignments

What The Intern Will Learn From The Job Responsibilities:

  • How to conceptualize, design, and produce visual communications that meet specific brand standards, goals of the organization, market trends, and consumer psychology. These include graphics for social platforms, website, printed materials, product labelling and packaging
  • Translate design direction into mock-ups, receive feedback and develop a final application for a wide variety of projects

Internship Requirements:

  • Experience with Adobe Illustrator, and Photoshop. Please provide a portfolio with drawings or creations that are produced by these two software programs
  • Must be detail-oriented, interdisciplinary, a keen learner, and a team player who is able to consistently collaborate with other designers and receive feedback from the director and peers
  • Must be able to produce mock-ups, graphics, and layouts to accurate specifications