Position Code: TOSC02

Organisation Description:

This NGO is a worldwide network of patient groups with a full or partial focus on providing support to patients with lymphoma, was formed in 2002 and incorporated as a not for profit organisation in 2010. The need for a central hub of consistent as well as reliable current information was recognised as well as the need for lymphoma patient organisations to share resources, best practices, and policies and procedures. With this in mind, four lymphoma organisations started this NGO. Today, there are over 80 member organisations from over 50 countries. This NGO’s current strategy is focused on ensuring impact within two pillars: information and advocacy.


Health Literacy Intern for Healthcare NGO

Internship Description:

– As needed, support project related research needs with respect to health literacy globally

– As needed, support project needs specific to health literacy in the region of Asia-Pacific

– Research and summarize key stakeholders, initiatives, and/or published evidence-based studies relatedto health literacy, either globally or in the region of Asia-Pacific

– Support literature search and reviews, either globally or in the region of Asia-Pacific

– As needed, support scoping exercises, such as research and analysis

– Flap key stakeholders with a focus on improving or addressing health literacy challenges

– Present results and/or key findings to the Membership & Alliances team at the close of the internship

Internship Requirements:

– Ability to clearly identify relevant data or evidence-based information based on subject matter

– Skilled at concisely summarizing key findings without bias

– Understanding of and/or keen interest in exploring the social determinants of health, namely howinequities in relation to health literacy adversely affect patient outcomes

– Ability to translate evidence-based research into layperson language

– Skills and/or a desire to learn more about patient advocacy in relation to policy development

Don’t exactly match these requirements? If you have the enthusiasm and want to learn – then speak to Pagoda about this position and we’ll see what is possible!