Internship Reference: CDBS157

Company Introduction:

This exciting organisation is dedicated to building a social community with an international atmosphere and cultural interaction. English is used as a medium, and young people all over the world are encouraged to share their culture and life through interesting and innovative activities and courses.

Those who are involved will explore themselves, shape their personalities, and pursue border less lifestyles during the process.

An example of events and activities organised and run are; Tibetan cultural exploration, weekend hiking, party events, Sichuan cooking class as well as different creative and charitable ideas for cultural exchange.

The companies slogan: Walk out of your book, and make your own stories.

Internship Position:

Host & Outdoor Leader

Internship Description:

Host and organise indoor & outdoor activities; Paint & Sip, Chinese Corner and more!

Host Leader;

  • To host and organise regular activities
  • Prepare materials and plan the events
  • Ensure guests thoroughly enjoy activities & events
  • Gather marketing content for media content; stories and pictures
  • Execute the event from start to end

Outdoor Leader;

  • Prepare materials and plan the events for outdoor activities, like hiking
  • Organise and execute trips
  • Play a supporting role for another professional Outdoor Leader to build the connection between foreigners and Chinese guests
  • Ensure guests have a thoroughly enjoyable time during events and activities
  • Assist with translating basic tips during activities, for example if on a hiking trip
  • Show care and attention for all guests
  • Gather marketing content, photos & video – for use to promote future events and activities


  • Degree in Marketing & Tourism is preferential.
  • Strong ability in English, any Chinese Language skills are a plus.
  • Responsible, reliable & creative individual.
  • Communication and organisational skills.
  • Interested in sharing different ideas, cultures and likes to hike!

**This position is available for a year long placement. Click here for more info and to apply.

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