Position Code: MANHR07

Organisation Description:

The company offers an outsourced Human Resources & management support service, delivered by experienced managers and employment law experts. Their goal is to make your organisation flourish. They swiftly deal with staff problems that are causing disruption and set policies and procedures in place that will generate a productive working environment.


HR Digital Research Assistant

Internship Description:

The company currently use an online ticketing system called Deskpro which is more usually used in the IT sector to support, report and prioritise IT queries. They haven’t been able to find a system that allows us to record our interactions with clients and keep everything all together in one place. They are looking for an intern to do the following:

  1. Sit with them whilst they use the Deskpro system in combination with email and one drive folders and understand how the current system allows them to record and respond to queries and requests from clients.
  2. Analyse the problems they have with the current system and see if it can be better designed to improve the way they use it. This would involve regular contact with the Deskpro helpdesk in the US.
  3. Investigate alternative systems for recording client transactions in particular looking at the following:
    1. Keeping all the information about one employee in one easily accessible location. At present all information is on random tickets.
    2. Allowing clients to access the system so that they can easily see all past correspondence about an issue or employee.
    3. Allowing us to upload templates onto the system that the client can download for their own use such as maternity letters, requests for flexible working, etc.
    4. More user-friendly interface – allowing easy differentiation between making notes ( not seen by the client) and sending messages to the client. At present, it is easy to get these mixed up and send a private note to the client.
  4. Investigate how a new system could be accessed via our website.
  5. Opportunity to understand how an advice and guidance HR company works in the UK and the complexity of employee advice within UK regulations which is very different from other countries.

N.B. tasks and projects may vary depending on current priorities. Specific projects and responsibilities will be discussed during an interview.

Internship Requirements:

  • Must have strong digital skills and enjoy working with and setting up systems.
  • Interest in IT and how systems can work together e.g. website with access to online platform for clients.
  • Interest in how HR works in the UK and the regulations underpinning it which informs our advice.
  • Happy to work 50% in the office and 50% on their own, investigating possible solutions.

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