Internship Code: SIFIN01

Company Description:

This company was founded by a respected executive team, each with over 20 years of financial services and functional expertise. Their goal was to create 21st-century teaching tools for retail bankers and financial professionals to improve their skills in a profound and hands-on way.

Their online training for banking includes workshops that offer team-based experiential education, providing professionals with the opportunity to test-drive their knowledge in a safe environment and witness the direct outcomes of their actions which wouldn’t be evident for years in the ‘real world’.

This company is a global leader in simulation for the financial sector. They are an innovative group passionate about creating a dynamic environment to run through experiments, strategy sessions, and training using our lending “virtual world”.

Internship Position:

Intern for Finance Training Company

Internship Description:

They have three areas of focus for interns, you are able to adjust according to your direct interest:

  • Measuring Social Media Impact.  You will work with two global experts in overhauling their social media messaging, content, and formats.   In this project, you will create content, but more importantly, learn to track the key KPIs indicators of their impact.  You’ll track google analytics, impressions, views, and other indicators to analyze the effectiveness of the social media outreach.  Your project outcome will be to showcase the impact of our social media activities on these measurable KPIs.
  • Simulation and Learning Content.  The company constantly innovate and update their simulations and associated materials.   You will test new scenarios in the simulation,  support trainer documentation of the simulation.  You will also create, update and improve their training materials.
  • Manage the Sales Pipeline.  Analyze their geographic market economic activity, and correlate that with sales demand activity.   Work with Business Development staff to segment and focus their sales efforts on specific entity types and geographies.   Execute on sales leads, learning to track and interpret sales pipeline metrics such as pipeline conversation rates.  Your project outcome will be to interpret and showcase the pipeline metrics and our sales activity impact on them.

Internship Requirements:

  • English language fluency
  • Full time preferred 12 weeks, part-time acceptable for 12 weeks
  • Suggested Majors: Marketing, Communications, Business, and Finance
  • Previous experience in any of the above areas is a plus

Don’t exactly match these requirements? If you have the enthusiasm and want to learn – then speak to Pagoda about this position and we’ll see what is possible!