Internship Reference:QDDE02

Company Introduction:

This Company is an interior design and architectural conceptual design firm that has been established for 6 years in China. The firm hopes to be established in Chengdu and Beijing in the near future and offers solutions in the following fields:

  • interior design
  • architecture
  • product design and development
  • graphic and digital media design
  • event production
  • design management

They work mainly with B2B contracts such as bespoke offices, clubs, show homes and hotels. This firm provides high level creative services. Their extensive network of designers and media personnel alongside their Chinese creative staff allows this company to develop a Total Design Programme (TDP).

Internship Position:

Interior Design and Product Design Internship

Internship Description:

This company has had experience with a variety of international interns and prides itself in offering a fantastic training opportunity. They work on a coaching and assistance training programme, but also require the intern to be dynamic and self-sufficient in the work place. The intern will be coached on an individual basis depending on their skills and strengths. Interns will see the entire customer life cycle from A-Z as well as various other tasks that require a high level of responsibility:

  • Attend meetings with clients
  • Observe and participate in the briefing of clients
  • Work on various design projects depending on the customer
  • Visit development sites
  • The intern will be shown and trained on how the firm assesses the client and their needs
  • The intern may be involved in price negotiation
  • Possibility for travel


  • Major in design related, preferably interior, architecture, graphic, website, product, etc.
  • Good English proficiency
  • Candidate should have design software capability
  • Open minded, organized, independent and hard-working
  • Overtime is part of this industry and therefore will be required when necessary