Internship Reference: CDIT29

Company Introduction:

This company is an international outsourcing game development company situated in the heart of Chengdu. They are one of the world’s top game and art development partners and partner with many international well-known companies to provide gaming content and art to developers and publishers. Their work is divided between art and game design and the main focus lies in 3D art, animation and concept art, 2D, Console & PC development as well as mobile games. The company, founded in 2004 employs an international and highly experienced team and has offices across three different continents.

Number of Staff: 1000+ worldwide

Internship Position:

Assistant Game Producer

Internship Description:

  • Assist Senior Game Producers with tasks and responsibilities
  • Actively contribute to game production
  • Work on some of the latest projects and assist in all areas of game development and production


  • Bachelor degree
  • Art-designing major, such as industrial design, oil painting or sculpture
  • At least pass through TEM 4 or CET 6
  • Excellent English communication skills and ability to communicate with foreign clients directly
  • Passion for games