Company Reference: MANMA14

Company Description:

This company is a mobile app service creating a pre-enrolment community that connects up prospective students with fellow applicants, student ambassadors, alumni and staff, as well as must-know info about their chosen university.

The service provides students with a better pre-arrival experience, and institutions with quality communications, higher rates of enrolment, and better prepared, happier students.

Internship Position:

International Student Engagement & Support Intern

Internship Description:

Main day-to-day responsibilities an intern can expect to carry out include the following:

  • To engage with students (sending messages, links, documents, etc. via the network).
  • To provide support / instructions to students if required.
  • To distribute surveys via the network, to gather stats for monthly university client reports.
  • To collate data and create charts.
  • To interpret simple stats to create action points for universities (full training will be provided).
  • There may be some opportunities to engage with students via social media channels, and so skills in this area would be desirable.
  • To shadow staff and attend (remote) meetings.
  • To find opportunities for blog and vlog posts to promote both the organisation as a company and the individual university to prospects.

Internship Requirements:

Experience of moving to attend a university in the UK/Ireland would be beneficial as it will help the intern to empathise with the journey students using the app are on. In addition to that, the following would be advantageous:

  • Excellent written communication skills in English.
  • A proactive approach and the ability to take initiative.
  • Confident in responding to online queries and engaging with students via the organisations network.
  • Basic Office Excel skills (though training will be provided).
  • Photo editing and video editing skills.
  • Experience and an interest in blogging.
  • Social media experience / skills.


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