Internship Reference: SGIT05

Company Description

We are a visual company offering services related to highly technological imaging solutions. We develop and deploy a wide range of photo and video capture solution, including regular lenses, drones, 3D systems, 360° photo, 360° video, 360° aerial photography and vehicle-based street view mapping solutions.

We have an extensive experience in relation to 360° images capture and cutting-edge multimedia applications for interactive image display on desktop and mobile devices. Over the years, we had numerous projects for first-class international customers and we are proud to experience the diversity of ideas this technology brings to life every day.

Internship Position

Programming & Coding Assistant

Internship Description

The organisation offers state-of-the art AR application creation to visualize specific real estate project in an innovative way. You will be supporting the team in crafting best-practice ideas from A-Z and developing them into an augmented reality environment. The AR apps help real estate developers to immerse their projects’ architecture and development into a real world.


● Capable at working independently on projects
● Familiar with using the following software; C# Unity and Premier After Effect (Adobe)
● Fast learner and willing to accept a challenge
● Excited by being given creative freedom in their work
● Committed to an internship of 4 months or longer