Internship Code: OSABS01

Company Description:

This is a design services company offering design services for integrated circuits (semiconductors) and PCBs. The company specialises in the design of analogue and RF integrated circuits in particular and emphasizes design for IoT sensor nodes. The company also has IP (Intellectual Property) in the communications for IoT space. The company is headquartered in the UK but the operations are based out of the Singapore subsidiary. The CEO lives in Japan and speaks Japanese.

Internship Position:

Japan Market-Entry Research Intern

Internship Description:

The company is looking at the possibility of entering the Japanese market and would like to understand:

  • Is there a market in Japan for our services?
  • How does the Japanese market for design services work?
  • Which companies outsource their design requirements?
  • Which companies are already supplying services in the Japanese market?
  • Is there any room for cooperation with other companies in this market?

Internship Requirements:

  • Highly motivated, eager to learn new things and willing to make an active contribution
  • Native or high proficiency Japanese language
  • Understanding of marketing and business development
  • Understanding of Japanese business practices
  • Flexible attitude and willingness to do a range of tasks (sometimes outside of the job description) to support the project