Internship Code: TPBS105

Company Description:

This is a US-founded company based in Taiwan, focusing on delivering a performance-driven marketing design framework to multinational e-commerce brands in the APAC region. Their performance-driven design framework includes Design Automation and Creative Analysis which automates ad production to help products go to market faster, and identifies design features driving marketing performance.

This is an agile team of 8 people, looking for growth and process-driven individuals to deliver their solution to accommodate the fast-growing e-commerce market in APAC.

Internship Position:

Lead Generation Internship

Internship Description:

They are looking for a highly motivated, high-energy, results-driven Lead Generation Intern to join them.

As a Lead Generation Intern, you will be responsible for planning, executing, and analyzing lead generation marketing campaigns across user-acquisition channels. You will focus on marketing actions to drive form submissions to request a demo from the company. You will be responsible for advertising on performance UA channels, and optimizing to reach the target return on investment.

Your responsibilities include:

  • Plan, execute, and analyze user acquisition campaigns across Facebook, Linkedin, blog, and other B2B channels
  • Optimize campaigns based on Cost Per Lead and Conversion Rate
  • Weekly updates about the results and planned actions
  • Communicate clearly to management the plans, status, and challenges to meeting objectives

Internship Requirements:

  • Currently majoring in Marketing, Sales & Management or equivalent
  • Fluent English speaking and writing skills
  • Ability to use Adobe Photoshop to create advertising visuals
  • Ability to use Google Sheet/Excel to track and analyze campaign performance
  • 3-month internship minimum