Internship Reference: DLLA03

Company description:

This partnership law firm provides professional legal services to both domestic and overseas clients with the key concept of “Being professional with good integrity and presenting services with unparalleled hospitality “ and earned recognition widely. The law firm focuses on law services in aspects of admiralty, maritime and other civil-commercial services, and they also have years of experience in this field as well as exceptional reserve of talents. The practicing lawyers the firm hires cover captains with rich experience, university lecturers and professors equipped with both law theory and practical experience.

The Maritime and Admiralty Group services focus on carriage of goods by sea, marine insurance, ship collision, personal injury and death at sea, sea pollution, ship building, ship purchase and finance and other litigation and non-litigation cases. The Civil and Commercial Law Group services focus on personal tort, intellectual property, marriage, inheritance, contract, corporate affairs and other litigation and non-litigation cases.

Internship description:

Legal Assistant

Internship description:

  • Learn about the Chinese legal system
  • Contact with international clients in English by mail or telephone
  • Perform legal research and writing in English
  • Assist lawyers in dealing with foreign cases
  • Draft a variety of legal documents including contracts


  • Law background / university major
  • Positive working attitude and hard-working
  • Good English proficiency
  • Good ability to simultaneously balance multiple tasks
  • Proficiency in Mandarin is an advantage – candidates would be
    able to work on a wider amount of cases and tasks