Internship Reference: SGMA18

Company Introduction

This organisation has developed an application which is an interactive performance management and HR solution that rewards employees for completing tasks and hitting KPIs. This gives the management team full visibility on productivity, allowing more time to focus on the business. When KPI’s or targets aren’t hit, the software will alert the management team and suggest creative ways to help the individual achieve those goals. High achievers will be incentivised through a well curated list of rewards based on personal preferences and driven by strong partnerships within food, retail or entertainment, travel and e-learning. With this app you can track and measure performance in real-time, recognize with digital badges and reward with products or services based on personal preferences of members.

Their Vision is to:
● Ensure that employees know what and how they can contribute to their team and company;
● Create awareness of the importance of proper compensation and benefits structure in growing businesses;
● Make rewards system fun and real-time

Internship Position

Marketing Intern

Internship Description

As a Marketing Intern you will be supporting the sales team with creative and attractive content that will leverage enquiries and sales for the organisation. It will be important to not only create content that targets the B2B market (large corporate clients), but also the B2C market (individual downloads direct from the app store). You will be required to connect through social media platforms and analyse where the marketing is most successful in terms of footfall, engagement and ultimately conversion rate. It will be necessary to have a good understanding of the app and also demonstrate how a comprehensive performance management solution can make positive contributions to a business’ operations and people matters.

You may also be required to support the team with other tasks depending on their needs, such as creating industry related blog content regarding HR, Employment, Company Culture etc.


● Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
● A good understanding of digital marketing platforms and how to leverage these for the company’s needs.
● With drive and determination to assist a small company grow to be a leader in their field.
● Interest in HR and employment engagement would be useful.