Internship Reference: SGMA22

Company Introduction

A national leader in talent development, this professional training and coaching firm believes in developing employees who care about their communities by changing the way they think, act and lead towards a better future. Founded in Canada and under the leadership of the Canadian Managing Directory, they are an international corporate training firm which consults, designs, delivers, and measures training programs that create change and impact generations.

Launched in 2014, the experienced management and training team has over 65 years of experience in many industries including, financial services, manufacturing, engineering & construction, information technology, and retail sales throughout the world.

This is a fantastic opportunity for a person that is interested in people and career development or looking towards an opportunity learn more about the coaching and training side of a HR department and business.

Internship Position

Marketing & Business Development Assistant

Internship Description

During this internship you will be supporting the trainers and team with the visual presentation of training program proposals or materials that will be provided to clients. You will also have a large involvement in assisting with marketing and content creation. This will vary depending on the time of year and the business needs for the company at that time. The firm is always looking for new ways to support the talent development industry such as video training materials.

Opportunities may also arise to support the team with business development and potentially contacting prospective clients who wish to consider the company’s services.


● Ability to work independently
● Excellent presentation skills (experience in design could be beneficial)
● Good communication skills, especially remotely
● A multicultural awareness
● With an interest in human resources and people development.