Internship Code: MANFN01

Company Description:

We are a UK charity with a vision of providing life-changing support through Islamic Finance.

Ansar – literally means ‘helpers’ in the Arabic language. We aspire to take lessons from the ‘Ansar’ and bring them to life in the 21st Century. As a result, we have been providing life-changing support by means of granting interest-free loans, since 1994, as one of the first providers of Shari’ah based finance in the UK. We are an established and registered charity passionate about building a better financial future in the UK.

Internship Position:

Financial Modelling Intern

Internship Description:

Historically we specialise in providing personal ethical loans for our customers. We are branching out to provide small business loans and will need your help in the following areas:

  • Adapting existing loan models to create new business models (interest-free shariah compliant loans for small businesses, start-ups and car finance)
  • Researching and forecasting
  • Tailoring existing customer information for new purpose

Internship Requirements:

  • Good understanding of the Finance sector
  • Knowledge of Islamic Banking and Shariah-compliance
  • Study background or experience in banking, finance, analysis, business management, accounting or loans would be helpful
  • Ability to speak English
  • Other language skills such as Arabic would be a bonus

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