Internship Code: GZBS06

Company Description:

This internship host company is located in Guangzhou, the capital city of Guangdong Province. They have recently expanded their business operations to source, procure, and export mining chemicals for the Australian and African market.

They hope to be able to find an intern candidate to analyse the Australian mining chemicals market and decision-making process for product segments, such as water treatment chemicals, dust control chemicals, flotation chemicals, and extraction chemicals.

Internship Position:

Market & Data Analysis Internship

Internship Description:

Depending on the duration of the internship, the focus will be primarily on the following:

  • Investigate market data on flotation chemicals (collectors, depressants, flocculants, frothers, dispersants) and extraction chemicals (diluents, extractants) for the Australian market
  • Conduct research into the major purchasing decision criteria for flotation and extraction chemicals
  • Scope out the opportunity of launching a B2B e-Commerce marketplace where mining companies can safely procure chemicals from China for flotation and extraction chemicals

The host company hope to ultimately use this data to launch a website or B2B online marketplace targeted specifically for the Australian market.

Data required to complete this research project will come from the following sources:

  • Industry reports accessed via university scholarly articles and journal database, and other online sources
  • Contacting major users of mining chemicals

Students may be provided introductions to relevant Australian and state government and industry association bodies as a way of enriching their industry contacts.

Internship Requirements:

  • Strong researcher and ability to analyse and interpret findings
  • Proactive and independent worker
  • Strong communication abilities