Internship Code: FUKBS02

Company Description:

This company provides a one-stop mobile app platform. With their mobile app platform, marketing and operational optimization can be easily realized. Although they are a startup company, their clients include leading Japanese companies such as Toyota, NTT, Toppan Printing, and so on. They would like to expand their business overseas in the near future.

With the spread of smartphones, mobile apps have become the most familiar point of contact for people and businesses. This company are partners who create the best contact points by providing users with the best experience online and offline, starting from the app.

Internship Position:

Market Research Internship

Internship Description:

  • Survey on mobile application development of large companies in Asian and European countries (eg. market size, budget size, outsourcing rate, competitors, etc.)
  • Creating reports on your findings
  • Putting forward suggestions for key people to approach and ideas for potential collaborations with local companies

Internship Requirements:

  • You have minimum knowledge of software development
  • You have skills such as searching market research outputs and calculating market size
  • You have good capabilities in Microsoft Office
  • A high level of written English is essential
  • Japanese or other language skills would also be a bonus