Position Code: LISBS07

Company Introduction:

This is a vertical farming start-up in Lisbon. They make cities more sustainable, resilient, and healthy by creating centres of food production in centres of food consumption. Their core technology is a rotating vertical farm system, housed in greenhouses, requiring no artificial lighting or climate control. They combine the production of huge amounts of food with the ethos of community gardening, so that the groups we feed learn how to grow their own food, and enjoy its benefits for health and the environment. Their primary clients are therapeutic and educational institutions eg. schools, hospitals, care homes, prisons. But they also serve commercial institutions that want to reduce their carbon footprint and improve the health and wellbeing of their clients and staff.

Role: Market Sizing Analyst

Internship Description:

  • This company builds vertical farms for local governments and institutions that feed their staff or clientele.
  • As part of their business development, they need a better understanding of how much this market is potentially worth, and how much of it they can access.
  • You will be leading this market sizing research.
  • Your goal will be to construct a well-evidenced TAM, SAM, SOM model for the company.
  • The initial focus is on the Iberian market, but they would also like to conduct the exercise for sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Some of this work has already been done by pro-bono consultants, but much remains to be done.


  • The ideal candidate for this role will be:
  • In a business or strategic field
  • Confident in the methodologies for the construction of market sizing analyses
  • Being able to read Portuguese or Spanish will help, but is not essential.