Internship Reference: MANMA08

Company Description:

Founded in 2018, this start up travel company was created in response to the growing and global burden of over-tourism.  It is the world’s first organisation entirely dedicated to the promotion of tourism properties and destinations solely during the low seasons in each destination.

With a rapidly growing global middle class, there are more people travelling outside of their own country than ever before.  Travel is significantly more affordable than it has ever been before but increasingly the traveller experience is diminished when jostling with the masses to get that photo or to be in those huge queues at the airport, museums and attractions.

Our organisation has been created for those who prefer not to pay the hugely inflated prices in hotels during peak seasons. For those who prefer not to join massive queues when they visit attractions in each destination.  For those whose time is valuable and want to make the most of every minute available in each destination.  For those, who prefer the idea of staying in higher rating hotels during low season rather than average hotels during the high season.  For those, who prefer seeing more of the world each year by taking multiple low season trips rather than one trip during the high seasons.

And… it’s not for everyone. Some are constricted by school holidays and some prefer to only travel when the weather is warm.  We’re for those who don’t mind wearing a jacket as we breeze through Rome at the quietest time of the year.  The history and the architecture remain the same, the queues are smaller, the prices cheaper, and the locals friendlier.  We are for those who seek new experiences as they travel.  The days of discovering new destinations are gone but you can still feel the sense of discovery by visiting established destinations during different times of the year.

We are ideally looking for someone to join our small team but make a big impact. The intern role will involve researching and implementing various methods to reach our target demographic of travellers looking to experience the benefits of travelling in the low season. As a new concept in the global travel industry, there will also be big opportunities for the intern to play a significant role in getting the brand out into the public eye and create some positive, exciting publicity around the concept. You will be supporting a small team of highly experienced professionals in the travel market where you will gain the invaluable guidance and insight into this continually growing market. We ask that the interns share our values and have a genuine interest in researching ways to combat over-tourism by looking at more sustainable ways to see the world.

Internship Position:

Marketing and PR

Internship Description:

Social media

  • Creating engaging, relevant content to boost our presence on social media
    • Look the benefits of paid social and how we may use this to enhance sales or engagement.
    • Research current news in our market
    • Look at ways to generate leads from social media


  • Using WordPress to make regular updates to the existing website
  • Creating reverent and interesting blog content in regards to destinations and new concepts in the industry
  • Use SEO knowledge to improve the websites performance on search engines


  • Create email templates for prospective customers
  • Creating feedback

Training & Networking

Take part in occasional supplier training events
Confidently network with other travel industry professionals
Use LinkedIn to enhance the LST network (as well as your own)

Internship Requirements:


Self starter who is comfortable working independently

  • Global mindset with a genuine interest and passion for the travel industry
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Creative and enthusiastic
  • Experience of using SEO
  • Experience on popular social media platforms
  • Confident public speaker
  • Basic wordpress skills desirable
  • Marketing and/or PR background desirable

Above everything else, we value candidates who have enthusiasm, passion, hard work ethic and humility.  We are going to change the world of travel and help ensure that we protect and preserve our destinations for future generations.  You will be trusted and empowered with the ability and the freedom to create a real and lasting impact on our business and the travel industry.  It’s going to be the trip of a lifetime…[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][/vc_column][/vc_row]