Internship Code: SIBS04

Company Description:

This company is an HR consultancy that helps small businesses with their internal staff marketing during growth stages. They focus on people by finding real ways to solve internal conflicts, allowing everyone to move forward with the company’s wellbeing in mind.

They help driven entrepreneurs by being the middleman with the true intention of creating lasting internal change. They do this with all HR components from the hiring process, 360 interviews, automatization, salary, managing day-offs for employees, providing coping strategies when a problem occurs, and creating a social group to consolidate their team spirit.

The job they do at this company is important because they help entrepreneurs scale their business in one of the areas which usually generates the most stress: people. They are an unbiased medium that comes in an organization with one goal in mind: create a comfortable company culture where people can feel comfortable speaking up and being their authentic selves.

Additionally, the company offers 1-1 Peak Performance coaching to driven individuals that wish to take their goals to the next level.

As this company is a small business itself, they value their employee’s time and effort. Their company culture is focused on communication and supporting one another to learn and grow to become their best selves.

They are currently focused on expanding their clients’ portfolio and maintaining consistent outstanding delivery of their services.

Internship Position:

Hospitality Internship

Internship Description:

  • Create lead generation strategy and implement it: research new trends in marketing and social media, create referral award systems, create chatbox system, newsletters, videos, webinars, workshops, contests, etc.
  • Plan, execute and analyze user acquisition campaigns across Facebook, LinkedIn pro, blog, and other B2B channels
  • Market exploration within their niche ( worldwide) and research
  • Optimize campaigns based on Cost Per Lead and Conversion Rate
  • Social media strategy and execution: FB- Instagram- Tik Tok- Quora- Linkedin
  • Contact with formal media (BBC, etc.) to get exposure with them
  • Website and SEO optimization
  • Minimal administration duties
  • Run the first discovery call (over camera: zoom or email or Linkedin…) with the potential individual leads when it’s needed
  • Track social media to identify high-performing ideas and campaigns for scalability (through the dashboard)
  • Communicate clearly to management the plans, the dashboard numbers (contacting leads, numbers of appointments, closed leads) status, and challenges to meeting objectives on a weekly basis
  • Work hand in hand with the Founder & CEO

Internship Requirements:

  • Currently enrolled in college or a recent graduate with a bachelor’s degree in business, digital communication, digital marketing, advertising or graphic design
  • Fluent English speaking and writing skills
  • Interested in social media trends
  • Copywriting and editing skills
  • Some marketing experience
  • Experience sales preferable
  • Creativity and pro-activity
  • Ability to use Adobe Photoshop to create advertising visuals
  • Strong capabilities in Microsoft Office, PowerPoint and Excel
  • Ability to use Google Sheet/Excel to track and analyze campaign performance
  • 3-month internship minimum
  • You should be proactive with a positive attitude
  • You should be able to take broad tasks, self-manage a workload, and report on project statuses
  • You should have excellent communication and team-player skills
  • Thrive in a dynamic and diverse team and is committed to building an influential culture focused on connectivity
  • Most importantly, you should be trustworthy, and care about doing the job well
  • Can self-manage a workload, like variety in your work, and look for ways to do things better
  • Free-thinker who speaks your mind
  • Ability to work regarding the priority of the project
  • Critical thinkers and solid interpersonal skills
  • Capacity to have fun and enjoy life!

Don’t exactly match these requirements? If you have the enthusiasm and want to learn – then speak to Pagoda about this position and we’ll see what is possible!