Internship Reference Code – MANMA01


Company Description:

Our sector is driven by people with amazing vision, with a passion to make a difference. There’s not always someone in their team that has the skills or mindset to deal with the mass of regulations that can engulf small organisations. Without that person it is all too easy to be baffled by the multiplicity of possible organisational structures, the different regulatory bodies, various reporting requirements, and tax issues.

We have over 25 years’ experience working with charities, co-operatives, registered social housing providers and other social enterprises and can guide you through the maze of regulation.

Internship Position:

Marketing Internship

Internship Description:

We are looking at somebody to come in and take on the whole internal marketing side under their remit. This includes the following:

  • Social media marketing – predominantly Twitter but also LinkedIn and others.
    • Creation of social media campaigns
    • Regular maintenance of profiles
    • Building rapport with other organisations through social media
    • Building a brand on social media
  • Web-based content creation
    • Creating blogs for current and prospective clients.
    • Potential to get creative with video content creation – maybe informational videos/animations
    • Improving website in terms of content and SEO-friendliness.
    • Creation of monthly newsletters for current and prospective clients
  • Other opportunities
    • Networking opportunities
    • Opportunities to do small bits for clients too to gain experience with different organisations.

However, this role is very flexible in terms of the interns wanting accountancy/audit experience too which we can arrange if the candidates would like that experience.

Internship Requirements:

  • An interest or experience in the charity and social enterprise sector
  • Fluent written and spoken English
  • Proactive attitude
  • Good communicator
  • Auditing or accounting experience would be useful
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Excel

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