Internship Reference: CDBS169

Company Description:

This organisation was founded sixteen years ago by a group of outdoor enthusiasts driven by the common goal to explore the natural world.

Since then, they have dedicated themselves to guiding groups of international tourists of all ages through the picturesque mountain wilderness regions across western China.

By showcasing these pristine environments, they hope to foster a passion for their protection and appreciation in sustainable ways. There commitment to practice responsible tourism has never failed, and they have been advocates for environmental protection since the very beginning.

Internship Position:

Marketing and Promotion Assistant

Internship Description:

  • Cooperate with the team, helping in developing exciting an array of eye-catching films, blogs, social media posts and other materials utilizing photography and video taken during our programs
  • Look into focus on our main target market for most of our events and activities
  • Use skills to work in strategically advertising our programs to the world
  • Conduct market research to assist with marketing our products

Internship Requirements:

  • Undergraduate degree in marketing, media productions, journalism, photography,
  • Communications or a related field of study and or experience of marketing/media production
  • To make your application more competitive, if you have a supporting portfolio containing examples of your previous work this would be beneficial
  • Literacy in Mandarin Chinese is not required (however, literacy in Mandarin might make your application more competitive). If you don’t have experience in speaking Mandarin, don’t be discouraged from applying. Our team is experienced with facilitating foreign exchange, and travel and most of our office speak fluent English as well as Mandarin.

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