Position Code: CDGBS10

Company Introduction:

This internship host company is a global community of sustainability professionals who meet peers, in serendipity, up to two times a month on ZOOM meetings.

The organisation expands everyone’s horizons, opportunities, and impact.

Role: Marketing, Research & Community Management

Internship Description:

The host organisation are looking for an intern who can;

  • Bring creativity to digital marketings tasks
  • Help them grow with a limited budget
  • Primary tasks will involve using LinkedIn
  • Prospecting and communicating with potential clients
  • Assist with research projects and tasks
  • Community management, interacting with members

Activities are not limited to the above, and candidates are encouraged to discuss further their own abilities and interests in an interview to identify synergies.


  • Curiosity
  • Creativity
  • Independent and able to arrange your own work schedule
  • Attention to detail
  • Proactive
  • Good communication