Internship Reference: CDBS35

Company Introduction:

At this mobile game development company most of the staff are games industry veterans, working on games such as Little Empire, Call of Duty, NBA2K and Final Fantasy. Whilst others have worked on indie games such as the BAFTA nominated game Bear go home.

Armor Blade is this organisations first game that merges established genres such as Strategy and Role Playing, while having innovative mechanics and creative concepts.

Built on a mission to continually provide independent innovation, they seek to provide the mobile game community with interesting and high-quality products.

There first mobile game was released back in January 2014 – a strategic, role-play battle epic, that aims to connect users worldwide through a revolutionary adventure mode.

Internship Position:

Mobile Game Operation Assistant

Internship Description:

As a Mobile Game Operation Assistant you’ll be taking charge in operating fascinating games in global mobile games market. If you’re looking for a dynamic, fast-paced environment and the opportunity to work closely with the biggest names of mobile entertainment space, you will love it here! Let people around the world play our game and have fun!

Duties will include:

  • Design and polish the game stories.
  • Build good relationships with global media channels. Publish PR articles worldwide.
  • Participate in the customer service work. Interact with players worldwide using mail, SMS, etc, to improve the players satisfaction.
  • Participate in game operation work. Design and execute promotional activities.


  • Native English Speakers. US, CA and AU citizens are preferred
  • Currently studying for a bachelor’s degree or above
  • Digital game players and lovers
  • Have the desire to be coached, trained and mentored towards successful international sales career
  • Have excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Be able to work independently and efficiently without close supervision
  • Be fascinated with technology, marketing or both
  • The ability to speak German, French, Portuguese and Japanese is helpful
  • Has basic Chinese communication skills, can generally use Chinese to communicate with people. It would  be better to have the ability od reading and writing in Chinese
  • Enjoy playing game, have a lot of game experience