Internship Reference: CDBS102

Company Introduction:

This mobile game company was founded in 2013 and is located at the bubbling hub of technological innovation in Chengdu – Tianfu Software Park. This company has already successfully launched two mobile games and has received very positive results. They are a family of dedicated designers with a love of gaming and a real appreciation for the aesthetics of mobile app interface. Mysterious projects are currently in production and will be launched soon in this summer! They are looking for passionate gamers and developers to join them!

Number of Employees: 140

Internship Position:

Game Localisation Intern

Internship Description:

Main responsibilities:

  • Proofread the game version to make sure that the translation is both compellingly written and well suited to the target country’s culture.
  • Manage and collect players’ feedback from the game community channels.

Additional responsibilities:

  • Conduct market research into Europe and other foreign markets.
  • Provide overseas market consulting and aid the operations team to access said market; promote their products abroad.
  • Develop a social media marketing strategy targeted at overseas markets.

*Potential to expand into other areas and projects based on performance/expertise of each candidate!


  • Native English/German/French/Korean/Japanese/speakers
  • Background in computing preferred but not necessary
  • A passion for gaming
  • Basic Chinese a plus but not a requirement
  • Should be pro-active and communicative
  • Must have a positive and open attitude, willing to ask questions and learn on the job!