Internship Reference: MXBS03

Company Description:

This private security company provides a customer-focused risk management service through their global network of specialists, associates and business partners. They provide complete portfolios of solutions, enabling their clients’ business growth.

Internship Position:

Marketing & Consulting Internship with a Private Security Company

Internship Description:

Main internship project:

  • Assisting with the comprehensive redesign of company branding and marketing materials

Since the company covers many aspects of the private security sector – you will be also able to discuss with the company about working in the areas which are of most interest to you:

  • The provision of Consulting services in matters of safety, environment and health, and specifically the implementation and preparation of Audits, Risk Analysis, Diagnostics and specialized reports on the matters.
  • The provision of any service related to the physical protection of people and real estate.
  • The provision of training, training and training services in terms of security and physical protection.
  • The development, commercialization, transformation, import, export, and in general the development of all kinds of computer technologies focused on the field of business security, government security, private security, cybersecurity, data protection, intelligence, counterintelligence, and digital platforms.
  • The provision of cybersecurity services in physical, industrial, commercial, governmental, and banking facilities, as well as all types of training and training of people for the same purpose.
  • The consultancy and technological engineering in telecommunications, in computer science and in information systems and the advising, marketing, implementation and maintenance of projects in the previously subjects same end.
  • The provision, contracting, subcontracting, development, control and execution of all types of IT services, telecommunications and consulting and integration of information technology and communications and the preparation, editing, production, publication and marketing of audiovisual products.
  • Advice, marketing, installation, development and maintenance services in systems integration and design and implementation services for Broadband and Networking applications, as well as integration of networks and operation and maintenance services for telecommunications operators, electric companies and all kinds of companies.

Internship Requirements:

  • Pro active
  • Punctual
  • Responsible
  • Enthusiastic
  • Understanding of Windows and Mac software
  • Creative design skills/an eye for detail
  • English-speaking

Knowledge of these is preferential, but not essential:

  • Branding experience
  • Experience with Photoshop or InDesign
  • International business
  • Human resources
  • Programming
  • A second language (preferably Spanish)