Internship Reference: MXBS11

Company Description:

This Company is a three-year-old startup: a for-profit, for social good.

It was conceived as a software platform that gathers “collective intelligence”. The platform acts as a virtual moderator that allows organisation-wide, or community-wide problem solving: it synthesises and centralises complex information open-ended information, creating connections and thereby identifying and solving problems. More than poll- or survey-taking, the software synthesises clusters of open-ended proposals. The software is especially useful for very large or decentralised organisations to make decisions, communicate problems or identify issues collectively.

This small, disruptive and innovative company is always growing. Despite its small size, it already has accounts in Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and Brazil. It also has all kinds of accounts: the platform is used by political candidates, NGOs, activist groups and small businesses alike. In 2019, the Company wants to promote itself among large Mexican companies and organisations, and among Mexican Congress members.

Internship Position:

Marketing and Strategy Internship

Internship Description:

At any given moment, this Company is carrying out several parallel activities. The Company was designed with the civic sector in mind, but is also a groundbreaking tool for the private sector.

This internship offers a unique opportunity for a business student to help the Company develop its business model, strategy and marketing techniques. The Intern will be able influence and help develop the Company’s financial and competitive research strategies. Few internships offer the opportunity to influence a company to such a scale.

Internship Requirements:

Candidates must have completed at least four semesters prior to their internship. The Company also looks for:

  • Interest in tech companies, startups or social entrepreneurship
  • Age-appropriate experience in a real-business setting (we don’t expect you to have been the CEO of a large company, and we value any experience you may have had working for your local coffee shop over the summer)
  • Excellent grades in your business-related subjects (2:1 or higher)