Internship Reference: MXIT02

Company Description:

This Company believes that successful companies are those which manage to keep up with the pace of growth and cutting edge technology of the times. To keep up, companies need to ensure that their technological processes and systems stay functional today and in the future.

The Company specialises in advising their clients in the face of ever-evolving technological trends.

  • They analyse in detail their clients’ systems and resources, in order to have a complete view of the efficiency of clients’ programmes and processes.
  • They help to develop technological solutions which are completely personalised for each client they work with.
  • They generate modular and user-friendly products, in order to ensure the clients’ continuity, validity and technological independence using their own resources.

Internship Position:

IT Internship with a Tech Consultancy

Internship Description:

An intern in this role will help to support the team with:

  • The conceptualisation and development of programmes
  • Programming
  • Carrying out tests on apps and programmes to ensure the usability of the software

Internship Requirements:

An intern in this role must:

  • Be able to use Java
  • Understand UML (Unified Modelling Language) and BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation)
  • Be able to adapt projects using SCRUM software
  • Have a good level of English
  • Have a good level of Spanish