Internship Reference: SGNGO08

Company Description

This foundation was established in 2007 as a US-registered not-for-profit, tax-deductible organization, and licensed as an international NGO in Vietnam. The Foundation’s strength is its ability to implement development and humanitarian projects in Vietnam in a completely transparent manner. Their main programme focusses on funding life-saving heart operations for the most financially disadvantaged children in the country.

The CEO of the related corporate body supported the founding of VCF rather than establishing a corporate foundation to advance and encourage philanthropy in Vietnam and model best practices for NGO’s. The Foundation is a separate not-for-profit organisation that draws on the corporate group’s expertise while remaining free and independent to direct and implement its own development projects that address children’s social, economic, and environmental issues.

Their vision is a Vietnam where all children, regardless of health complications or a lack of access to education, can take advantage of the numerous opportunities available so that they may contribute to society and accomplish their dreams. They are committed to helping those who cannot help themselves, so that they may someday stand on their own feet and take advantage of all the opportunities provided by Vietnam’s bright future.

Internship Position

Media Intern

Internship Description

During this internship you will be supporting the part of their operations that funds life-saving heart operations for the most financially disadvantaged children in Vietnam where specialised paediatric health care is beyond their grasp.

● Rewrite some special stories of the children who have been supported by this programme for purposes such as social media and reports.
● Experience hospital visits with the teamf: taking photos, writing stories, learning more about the program and benefits; if their are children at school age then interacting with them and teach them some basic English words there.
● Get involved in our activities with donors for Childrens Day in June with Nu Skin, Ahamove,…
● Brainstorm for Mid Autumn Festival activities for children at the hospitals
● Assist the team with organising and filing the applications for the programme


● Good written and spoken English; confident in writing reports
● Experience in photography, film creation could be beneficial
● Passionate about providing people with opportunities to people to grow and develop.
● Confident working independently and as a team
● Innovative and proactive with new ideas and contributions