Position Code: MEXLA06

Company Introduction:

This law firm was formed in Mexico City in 2018. The company is made up of three highly qualified founding partners to offer adequate and timely service to its clients through the correct and effective knowledge of various areas of law.

A exciting opportunity to learn about the Mexican legal environment will welcome those who apply.

Role: Paralegal / Law Clerk

Internship Description:

In this role you will initially learn the basic tasks for monitoring and administrating both legal consulting processes and litigation proceedings in Mexico.

The primary role will be to aid the firm’s lawyers in their day-to-day tasks. The idea is that this role will provide you with knowledge of how the work environment in law firms is in Mexico City, and to give you a clear idea of what can be expected from them in a boutique law firm in Mexico City. In addition, you will also engage in activities in collaboration with the lawyers, in order for them to gain both legal and networking skills during the internship.

Tasks which can be requested to an intern may involve:

  • Visiting the Courts and Tribunals in Mexico City, in order to provide a follow-up on the active litigation proceedings.
  • Participation in phone calls and video conferences in order to provide their input and legal analysis to active matters of the firm.
  • Accompanying the firm’s lawyers to meetings with clients.
  • English-to-Spanish and Spanish-to-English translations (if fluent in both languages).
  • Research for publications on the firm’s blog or other research magazines/blogs.
  • Investigate and schedule for networking opportunities with possible clients.
  • Engagement in academic activities in which the members of the firm (including the intern herself/himself) can participate.
  • Drafting of reports for clients.
  • Drafting of writs to be submitted in ongoing litigation proceedings.
  • Review and analysis of contracts and other corporate legal documentation.
  • Speak English or Spanish in a fluent fashion (preferably both languages).
  • In addition, the candidate must be interested in corporate and commercial legal matters and show basic knowledge of both.
  • The candidate should preferably be studying law or have a degree in the field of law in their own country. There is no requirement for any knowledge of Mexican Law.
  • The candidate should be willing and available to work with clear deadlines.
  • The candidate should be willing and available to engage in field activities (such as Courthouse visits and client meetings) outside of the office.

Don’t exactly match these requirements? If you have the enthusiasm and want to learn – then speak to Pagoda about this position and we’ll see what is possible!