Internship Reference: TPBS51

Company Description:

This Mobile Startup Accelerator helps the best mobile startups from around the world to build their apps for the emerging mobile market. MOX helps apps optimize, retain customers and monetize for South East Asia, Eastern Europe and South America emerging markets. Based in Taipei, MOX is operated by a venture fund with $300M AUM operating eight global accelerators in Internet, Hardware, Biotech and Food globally.

Internship Position:

PR and Translation Assistant

Internship Description:

  • Translation to Chinese and Chinese copy writing for events.
  • Manage social media posts.
  • Manage mailing list maintenance.
  • English writing of newsletter, social media posts, and other short texts.
  • Help Community Manager with Taiwanese event management including filling out forms, translating/interpreting event logistics and emails in Chinese.

Internship Requirements:


  • Previous work experience is not required.
  • Chinese language native speaker.
  • Good writing ability & communication skills.
  • Familiarity with social media platforms.
  • Familiarity with backstage platforms for online publishing (WordPress, MailChimp, etc)