Internship Reference: ZHEN06

Company Introduction:

This is an English company that produces and develops audio equipment, most notably home entertainment equipment. Founded in the mid 60s, this is a well established company and one of the leaders in its field, producing audio equipment for manufacturers such as Rotel and Classe, as well as selling products through retailers worldwide.  


Internship Position:

Process Engineer


Internship Description:

  • Assessing, designing, installing, modifying, and upgrading engineering equipment
  • Observing operations and interpreting data
  • Overseeing project costs and timelines
  • Creating diagrams, charts, and reports
  • Evaluating plant safety and environmental impact
  • Assessing the risk operations have on employees and community



  • Degree in/ studying Applied Physics / Applied Mathematics / Mechanical Engineering / Material science / Chemical Engineering or relevant disciplines
  • Good understanding of DoE, FMECA, statistics and instrumentation; strong in analytical methods
  • Responsible for developing machine automation and optimisation
  • Creativity, ingenuity, problem-solving, maths and analytical skills