Position Code: LISNGO04

Company Introduction:

This is a non-profit on a mission to help emerging artists perform more and get paid fairly. During COVID they have been running intimate online gigs, connecting artists with their world audience.

Role: Producer Assistant Internship

Internship Description:

The job of the assistant producer is to help with every aspect of preparing performances:

  • Setting up interviews and soundchecks with the artists
  • Running soundchecks with the artists
  • Collecting performance materials from the artists
  • Preparing landing pages for each artist (see example)


You respect clarity and timeliness
You secretly love calendars
Your English is proficient, both when you speak and write
You are eager to understand the finer technical details about cables, microphones, and mixing tables
You are unafraid of diving into advanced zoom settings
You have availability to work in the evenings and on weekends, as this is when invisible performances usually happen