Internship Reference: CDBS108

Company Description:

The company is a consulting firm that focuses on HR management and operation system design. Dedicated to providing more efficient recruiting and operation solutions. The founder has over 10 years’ experience in recruitment and was a senior manager at a large company in Southwest China.

What the company can offer you:

The chance to learn and develop human resource management skills. Learn more about the China talent market while adapting to the local business culture. The role will also teach you how to create and design a company operation system, practice recruiter mapping, interview-, and communication skills.

Internship Position:

Product Consultant Assistant

Internship Description:

  • Be involved in marketing, operations, coordination, and all-around support across the company
  • Provide support for the company by utilizing their problem-solving skills, create value, and improve business performance
  • Learn everything about the company’s product or service, and work with customers to find out their needs and how the product or service will fit those needs
  • Regularly visit companies to interview clients and make sure they are satisfied or to get

Internship Requirements:

  • An independent and self-motivating personality
  • Bachelor degree
  • Background in sales
  • Passion for recruitment
  • High communication skills
  • Efficient, flexible, and empathetic
  • Desire for professional development
  • Ambitious and curious to learn more
  • Willing to learn Mandarin


2-6 months