Internship Code: SZBS05

Company Description:

This Centre for Circular Economy is directly affiliated with a Shenzhen-based University. It is an interdisciplinary centre that connects the universities’ varied colleges around the concept of the circular economy.

The goal of the centre is to conduct research, organise events and conferences, as well as teach.

Internship Position:

Product Portfolio Research Internship

Internship Description:

The transition to the circular economy has now reached all continents and all industries. And the daily news gives the impression that the entire world has committed itself to circular economy principles and is finally steering towards a waste-free world. The past linear economic model seems to be apparently phased out and replaced with a circular approach. As a consequence, there will ultimately be a decoupling of economic growth from a resource-based model.

However, a closer look indicates that the circular economy is becoming merely a buzzword and that some circular solutions are simply not able to pass systems thinking tests. Indeed, some of these highly praised circular solutions may ultimately cause more issues in the long run.

Hence, the goal of this project is to research the true level of the circular economy transition in large organisations that have large marketing budgets and can promote single initiatives. In this internship, you will have a chance to research portfolios of the largest companies and examine how many products within their portfolios are already circular.

  • Research the product portfolio of large companies
  • Create a database of large companies
  • Identify circular products
  • Carry out international market analysis and segmentation

Internship Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Experienced in market research
  • Passionate about the circular economy
  • Knowledge of Mandarin desirable but not necessary
  • Knowledge of the Python programming language