Internship Reference: ZHBS87

Company introduction

This company is a comprehensive multinational e-commerce company with its headquarters in southern China. The company has a wide range of products, some of which they manufacture and produce themselves, and some are sourced from other companies. They have an international presence and sell their products on Ebay, Amazon, Alibaba as well as their own website.

Internship Position

Business and Market Research Intern

Internship Description

This product research internship will be focused on doing market analysis of potential consumers to help develop new niche products for the company. The aim of the internship will be to help widen the company’s product line and develop sellable products. Competitor analysis will also be an important aspect of the internship.


  • Excellent English skills
  • Major in marketing, or related degree
  • Familiar with 3C products and have a good sense for new, niche products