Position Code: XSBIT01

Company Introduction:

This host company specialize in Yunnan coffee. Through their partnerships, they strictly control all production steps from seedling to picking, processing. At their professional roastery in Xishuangbanna they carry out roasting and cupping.

They produce clean, fair and sustainable coffee, roast it fresh and send it to customers doors so that every home in China can drink high-quality Yunnan coffee!

Role: Programming and Development

Internship Description:

The host organisation are looking for an intern who can;

  • Use programming skills to strengthen the existing team
  • Assist in setting up a simple but robust internal order handling system with API bridges to online systems
  • An ideal candidate would be a student or just graduated young person that is humble, productive, and eager to learn.
  • After successful implementation, third party launch options can be discussed.

Activities are not limited to the above, and candidates are encouraged to discuss further their own abilities and interests in an interview to identify synergies.


  • Humble, productive, eager to learn
  • A strong interest in programming
  • Relevant education background