Internship Code: CDMED01

Company Description:

The MINDCARE Project is a mental health service brand overseen by this internship host company.

They provide diversified mental health training programs such as workplace mental health awareness workshops and mental health first aid courses for both adults and adolescents.

The organisation’s services are mainly based on cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), psychodynamic therapy (Psychodynamic Therapy), mindfulness therapy (based on mindfulness therapy), and family therapy (Family Therapy).

Internship Position:

Research, Analysis, and Video Content Creation Internship

Internship Description:

This internship host is looking for applicants who can assist in tasks that cover the below areas of interest:

  • How health professionals in Australia & UK treat depression/anxiety of adolescents both medically and psychologically, specifically on the psychology side
  • How these countries prevent mental health problems such as depression and anxiety among communities and in schools. Are there any specific existing programmes and how do they work
  • Are mental health first aid courses available for teenagers and adults, are they successful, and if so how do they work
  • Research to be conducted into mental health and the links to cosmetic surgery

Video content creation:

  • Create short videos discussing each topic
  • Ensure content is created in a creative and professional way
  • Full guidelines and outline will be provided to applicants

The internship position is not limited to the outline above, and all candidates are encouraged during an interview to discuss responsibilities.

Internship Requirements:

  • Preferred applicants will be from a Health Background; psychology, mental health & psychiatrist study areas are all welcomed to apply
  • Applications are also welcomed for students from marketing, media, counselling, & nursing
  • Open-minded, positive personality
  • Strong communication