Internship Reference SGBS12

Company Introduction

This company was established in 2015 in Vietnam, the core business is Dental Tourism

With the rise of dental costs nowadays, dental care has become a luxury which many cannot afford, resulting in other alternatives, including travelling to another country for cheaper solutions. Fancying a cheaper alternative for dental care accompanied by great pleasure of going on a trip to broaden your horizons? This company focuses on providing this exact service.


This company has the vision to become the “Dental hub of the World”. They are committed to providing high quality services in the shortest amount of time at an affordable price. Our dentists are internationally certified, and using the latest technologies, our passion is to provide all customers a satisfied experience.

Internship Description

The research and development internship aims to improve interns’ existing research skills, and to make them experts in dentistry and tourism in Asia, with a focus on Vietnam. We are looking for a dedicated and ambitious person who can independently conduct research which will ultimately influence Dental Tourism’s business strategy and operations. Our R&D Intern must be able to effectively organise and communicate this information to other members of the Dental Tourism team.


As an R&D Intern, you will have a high degree of responsibility and the chance to inform Dental Tourism’s business strategy. You will research current trends in customer behaviours in dentistry and tourism around the world, and creatively communicate your findings to other stakeholders (Dental Tourism members, business partners and our customers). You will assess Dental Tourism’s existing services and provide recommendations for business strategy based on your research findings.


Qualifications The ideal candidate for the research and development internship will possess:

● Excellent research skills (some experience with research is preferable)

● Ability to capture important information

● Ability to work independently and capable of taking initiative on specific projects

● Strong English written and verbal communications skills

● A positive and flexible attitude

● A background in business and/or hospitality is preferable, though any degree is welcome