Internship Reference: SGNGO10

Company Introduction

This children’s charity was established in 1992 and registered as a Non-Governmental-Organisation in England. Their purpose is to help disadvantaged Vietnamese children to get an education and a fairer start in life.

Their programmes aim to help the most disadvantaged children of Vietnam to escape from poverty through education and training. Their area of operation is in the south of Vietnam, around Ho Chi Minh City, extending to the Cambodian border and down into the Mekong Delta.

Their Philosophy:

They believe that a measured amount of carefully targeted help from us can make all the difference. By focusing on the educational needs of the most disadvantaged children they are able to achieve positive change. They measure their results in the numbers of children going to school, graduating from school, going on to university and those finding decent jobs.

Since their inception they have followed certain guiding principles:
– They help only the children in greatest need.
– They foster independence and avoid creating dependency.
– They never replace the responsibility of parents, the authorities or the child.

Our key activities include:
– Building Schools Programme
– Getting Ready For Work Programme
– Child Development Scholarship Programme
– Special Needs Education Programme

Internship Position

Programme Support

Internship Description

Your internship at this NGO will depend on your skills and background as well as the current needs of the organisation at the time of your placement. Commonly the organisation requires support for marketing, copy writing and content creation, which could include anything from graphic design, filming & video editing, proofreading, social media management and newsletter creation. If one of their annual events is approaching your work might be more focused towards this event and supporting the team with high level delivery of these events. If you have specialist interest or skills working with children then you may also be invited to work on the programmes directly involved with the children that the charity supports, this may include English language teaching, or Special Needs Education Training.


● Passion to improve the lives of disadvantaged children.
● Experience working with children would be beneficial.
● Creative and innovative with new ideas.
● Ability to work in a team but independently when required.
● Good communication skills in English.
● Specialist creative skills will always be beneficial.