Internship Reference: CDIT22

Company Introduction:

This company is a social enterprise to benefit those affected by disasters, illness or poverty, and minority people living in remote areas. It has a craft, gift and coffee shop to sell hand made products from these people in order to expand their market and bring their skills and their needs before a larger section of the community. A large percentage of profits go towards community development projects and to benefit those with particular needs. We practice under fair trade principles to ensure craftsmen get fair reward for their skills and time. We also train to improve those skills, promote innovation and preserve cultural and artistic talents particularly as they are expressed by these more disadvantaged People. Selling their handcrafts helps these people maintain a basic standard of living, provides basic needs for them and their families, and in turn, keeps them from begging on the streets.

Number of Staff: 5

Internship Description:

IT Internship

Job Description:

  • Implement a one point sales system & general accounting program
  • A range of tasks relating to web design
  • Create & maintain the company-website
  • Design and produce promotional materials for the company
  • Create and develop social media content and keep these channels up to date
  • Communicate the message of the NGO to the expat community and local community


  • Good IT-skills
  • Firm knowledge of web design and social media marketing
  • Fluent in English
  • Good communication and organisational skills
  • Able to work independently