Company Code: LDNBS01

Company Description:

We are a non-profit organisation based in London, focusing on sustainable development and policy advisory. Our mission is to deliver innovative approaches to promote and implement sustainability on a collaborative basis where all sectors of society (authorities, businesses, citizens, NGOs, and media) work together towards a common goal.

We operate to promote Sustainable Development Goal 17 ‘Partnership’, in providing the connections needed for cross sector collaboration. We usually work with commercial enterprises, NPOs, charities and branches of government.

Our services include:

  • Research, project/product management, advisory, coaching, business analysis, sustainability advisory, training sessions, gap analysis and gamification strategies.
  • Playable advertising: Immersive Educational Advertising for the consulting, design and development of the playable ad campaign
  • Consulting on, designing and the product management of apps for sustainability
  • General, technical, and academic writing
  • Speeches at panels, conferences, conventions, presentations
  • Collaborating on sustainability projects, also charitable projects
  • Networking and connecting organisations with matching needs to achieve specific projects

Internship Position:

Sustainability Research Intern

Internship Description:

Possible tasks for Sustainable Development Goal project management:

  • Researching existing sustainability projects that governments, universities and organisations in different sectors are currently working on
  • Finding and using innovative digital tools to facilitate data/resource sharing
  • Work on stakeholder collaboration issues in both the private and public sectors
  • Creating reports on your findings
  • Putting forward suggestions for key people to approach and ideas for potential collaborations

Internship Requirements:

  • You have a proven academic knowledge of sustainability
  • You have a behavioural science or similar background
  • You have strong capabilities in Microsoft Office
  • Thrive in a dynamic and diverse team and is committed to building collaborations
  • Excellent level of written English is essential
  • Mandarin or other language skills would also be a bonus

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