Internship Code: SGIT13

Company Description:

Fairly recently, the Director of a British Children’s Charity in Ho Chi Minh City helped establish a Vietnam autism alliance as a way to get information to parents, teachers, therapists, and others quickly, and for free. Other members of the alliance include top medical centres and teaching universities in Vietnam.  They put something together initially so that there was a home for a library of resources that have been translated from English into Vietnamese, as well as to begin the process of listing service providers in Vietnam so parents can be informed that a service provider is safe, effective and appropriate for their child. They are now looking to move forward from the initial stages and develop the website.

Internship Position:

User Experience & Web Developer

Internship Description:

What they need, as a minimum, is to develop the website to make it look professional and to give it an optimal user interface, but also to:

  • Make it intuitive and engaging
  • Provide opportunities for rapid expansion of the content, including community-developed content
  • Make it possible for the future rating/review of service providers
  • Consider how it could (potentially) be commercialised in the years ahead

Internship Requirements:

  • Understanding of web development and user experience, in particular, WordPress
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Creative & innovative, not afraid to share ideas
  • Interest in and understanding of the alliance’s vision
  • Understanding of Vietnamese would be useful but not vital