Internship Reference: TPIT40

Company Description:

This company is founded by entrepreneurs based in Silicon Valley and Taipei.

They create, publish and develop mobile-web friendly web-apps. Their main focus is developing games and tools for the target audience of the elder age group, who are retired from work.

Their apps already have more than a million unique users a month.

Their portfolio includes:

Famory: A Memory Game for Families (Development in progress). You will likely work on this!

WinEveryGame Lexicon: A Modern Look at Words


Web App Developer Internships (Back-end and Front-end)

Internship Description:

You will work on a web-app (both mobile-web and desktop-web) facing millions of consumers worldwide. The company expects your work to help millions of people in various ways.

For Back-end they use PHP and some Python and some C++. The company uses native code instead of frameworks. If you want to use a framework, you will need to convince the company why.

For Front-end the company uses Javascript (native) and HTML5 and CSS. It is very important that the web-apps be mobile friendly (providing users experience as close to native Apps as possible).


Please provide example work as part of the application

You need a keen sense of logic and coding. Ability to learn on-demand.

You have good core data structures and algorithms knowledge.

Programming skills: Javascript (for front-end). PHP (and/or Python) for the back-end. If you are great with one of them but have a working knowledge of the other, that is good too.

For the front-end, you don’t need to be a designer but should have a sense of design and the ability to work with a designer.