Internship Code: SZBS02

Company Description:

This organisation was founded in 2016. Its headquarters are located in Chengdu and in 2021 established a new branch in Shenzhen (The Chinese Silicon Valley).

They provide a variety of business services, focusing on foreign SMEs who are targeting the Chinese market. Their services vary from the initial market research all the way to the establishment of a foreign active entity in mainland China.

The companies main advantages are its pricing & business model, where they actually take part in the initial stage when the foreign company begins its path in the Chinese market. The services include professional services; Human Resources, Employment, Marketing, Regulatory Compliance, Entity Registration & Corporate Finance. Their projects vary from the Medical industry, Aesthetics, Artificial Intelligence, Automotive & business tourism.

Internship Position:

Web Developer Internship

Internship Description:

The host organisation is looking for an intern who can;

  • Assist in matters of web development
  • Help with improving the company website’s appearance
  • Work on additional online solutions for customers

The internship position is not limited to the outline above, and all candidates are encouraged during an interview to discuss responsibilities.

Internship Requirements:

  • Candidates should have an educational background in computer science / web development or have experience in the field
  • Passionate & motivated individual, who is interested in corporate online development
  • Minimum duration of internship – one month
  • Host Company will examine the possibility of employing the intern full time following the internship period