Position Code: LISIT06

Company Introduction:

This company’s mission is to help people relocate, integrate and curate the life of their dreams in Portugal. Starting a life in a new country is daunting. They are here to offer peace of mind.

This company is a turnkey relocation and lifestyle curation service. They advise people on if it makes sense to move to Portugal, the immigration options, and the business/financial impact. They then offer management of the full immigration process to both individuals or as a service to companies, from the visa application to logistics to citizenship. Once in-country, they serve as an information resource and community to help their members build the lifestyle they dream of.

Role: Web Developer

Internship Description:

Seeking a developer with skills in modern web technologies to build and maintain the company website.

Basic duties:

  • The intern can choose any technology stack he or she so suggests; bearing in mind that it should be fairly easy/cost-effective to maintain (the founder is tech-savvy and knows some programming but is definitely not a developer)
  • Design and deploy pages of the website: primarily static info; possibly some simple animated graphics
  • Create client portal: for access to confidential documents, process updates, and payment gateway
  • Put premium content behind a membership paywall
  • Create blog
  • Podcast hosting


The intern should have a decent understanding of full-stack web development. No mobile app development is required.

  • A grasp of UX and design and knows his or her way around design software like Photoshop, Illustrator, InVision, Figma, etc.
  • Comfortable connecting to and building applications on top of APIs
  • Access, Permissions, and User management skills to ensure site uptime and hardening
  • Knowledge of SEO would be a bonus